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Stuart Michael's Blog

Stuart Michael's blog is dedicated in bringing you a photo diary of travel, fashion, inspiration and design.

It's A Long Way Down

Stuart Michael


As a photographer it's difficult not to be overwhelmed with what you see in nature and to capture it, so that's exactly what I did.


If you happened to go away for the Easter long weekend then I hope you packed for some place warm. I conversely decided to go camping in icy cold temperatures that strangely enough made my experience a bit more interesting but was cause for some great photography.

A total of thirteen happy campers including myself headed for the Australian Alps, Mount Buffalo to be exact, which approximately sits five hours out of Melbourne and has an elevation of roughly 1.5km above sea level. Trekking up the mountain seems like half the trip but is well worth it in exchange for lookouts with panoramic views, waterfalls, casual walks and hiking paths. 

While it was too cold to go kayaking, in fear that we might fall in and freeze, sitting on top of Mount Buffalo is a stunning lake by the name of 'Lake Catani', a beautiful spot to locate yourself should you decide to go camping. For all of those who love to fish look no further!

Some helpful tips to those travelling up any mountain during the Autumn and Winter season, just be prepared, it gets bloody cold! Thick clothing, hot water bottles, sleeping bags that can handle minus temperatures and a hot drink before bed definitely helps with a good night's sleep. While there is no escaping condensation, keeping yourself warm is important.

Get Published, Get Inspired

Stuart Michael

If you are lucky, every now and then you meet someone who is so passionate about what they do, they inspire you to go out there and chase your dream. They pass their enthusiasm on to you and reignite your own passion.

Carla Coulson is one of those people. She is a talented Australian photographer who made an extraordinary life change to move from the corporate world here in Oz to Italy to follow her dream – capturing people, places, fashion and life in the best way she knows how. Carla has now been working in magazines and the publishing industry for 12 years and has also photographed seven books in that time.

It was through one of those books that I initially discovered Carla’s work. While visiting a friend, I came across her first book Italian Joy (published in 2005). This beautiful hardback 264-page book features so many amazing inspiring colour and black and white photographs of Italy that it impelled me to take such images of my own when I travelled through Europe in 2010. I have since enjoyed Carla’s Paris Tango and Chasing a Dream, both books just as inspiring as the first. I highly recommend adding them to your collection of coffee table books.

Carla now lives in Paris but she was in Sydney over the weekend to run a workshop entitled “Get Published” which I was lucky enough to attend. Carla teamed up with Creative Director of Inside Out Sharon Misko and Deputy Editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly Bryce Corbett to show us how to shortcut the road to getting published.

I was one of about 30 photographers who travelled from around Australia to take part in Carla’s workshop. It was an amazing weekend and a wonderful insight into the publishing world.

In February earlier this year I was thrilled to be able to meet up with Carla for a couple of hours at a cafe in Paris, ‘les philosophes’. We chatted about her life and her passion for photography over some wonderful coffee. Please follow the links if you would like to read the interview, which is in two parts.